So……I had this idea. I always make such  a big deal out of parties, hyping them up and everything. SO with Halloween coming up, I thought I should do that, and EVERYONE could have fun, and then…my mom said no...So plan ‘B- Im going to have a small get together (like 25 people)at my dads house. It may not be party ready, but HE said yes. Anyway, even though its small, Im determined to have this get together to be a ton of fun. I know people will still dress up. But now..I need a date! I wonder if the actual Halloween day is available…. Then again, Chris might be in LA or some crap which would make it un-available to me.

Soooooooo………not that anyone cares but me, but I've realized the opposite of relief, its disappointment. You know how I always say relief is the best feeling? Well disappointment is the worst.

Chris was supposed to come home after Vegas, but now he has to finish his work in LA.…and instead of going to bed with my prince charming like I thought I would, I will have to go to bed alone…I was so depressed. Just thinking it had to be the worst feeling in the world…and THAT got me thinking how I always say relief is the best feeling! Well disappointment is the worst! and it’s the opposite! So that’s a pretty bad feeling right? It really IS the WORST feeling, or maybe LA is just the WORST place. So…what should I do at my get together??



09/07/2013 2:55pm

You could always play some games at your get together. Card games, board games, etc. Have some music going of course. Had some food such as chips, soda, snacks, or heck, maybe make a little meal even, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc. I think though, you will figure out something good to do! You could always surprise us! Of course you have to take pictures too!

09/07/2013 6:03pm

funny you should mention.IHATE card gmes cause I think you play them when you're bored

09/07/2013 2:58pm

I'll be your date! Have everyone bring a dish to share and just have a fun get together. Maybe a bon fire and smores? Fun halloween costumes, bags, music?

09/07/2013 5:03pm

by date I meant DAY to have the party!I could totally fnda person to go with!and anyway,I just asked Chris,and he'll be home,so Ithink its decided,Im actually having it on Halloween!

09/08/2013 6:39pm

AND I aked my dad so OFFIALLY:Im having it on Halloween!!

09/07/2013 3:25pm

Fun! You could watch scary movies, eat fun halloween food, and maybe make candy apples? Yes, and take lots of pics and post on facebook!

09/27/2013 5:21pm

I would,but what exactly is Halloween food?

Elin G.J.
09/07/2013 4:04pm

Hi Juli:) I know what you meen about the worst and best feeling! Disapointment is the worst!!:( but hey, it is what it is, and we have to make the best of what we have;)
Anyways, just thought of you and wanted to send you a greeting, i have just arrived back home from Budapest to Denmark, had a wonderfull time, as you know, i LOVE to trawel;))
I hope you will have a fun get together:) and if i was there (in USA) i would have loooved to be a one of your party's cause they always sound like fun;)
Take care, and stay well
Hugs Elin

09/08/2013 5:59pm

how would I know you love to travel?

Melissa Marquais
09/07/2013 5:48pm

I would have a costume contest! Whoever has the best costume can go to LA and drag Chris home and whoever has the worst costume has to pay for it! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡·

09/07/2013 7:32pm

I hate feeling disappointed! I am so happy for you that Chris will be home on Halloween! I love the costume contest idea, and I'm sure Cris and your dad will have awesome food at your party! Whatever you do have loads of fun! I can't wait to see pictures of your Halloween get together!

09/07/2013 11:17pm

yep,everyone suggested th e costume contest idea so Im pretty sure everyone lovesit!

09/07/2013 8:52pm

I have followed your story. Each evolution makes me happy.
His life and Chris is an example of love and overcoming.
His Brazilian fan, Karine Neri!

09/07/2013 11:45pm

Juliana...I love your honesty...you tell it the way you see it and the way you feel.....

Anna Stringer
09/08/2013 2:51pm

I agree with the costume contest & scary movie ideas too! :) i'm so happy Chris will be able to come to the party..you have such a sweet fiancé ;) have fun at your party!! last year my hubby & I dressed up as mickey & Minnie lol but this year he gets to pick..hasn't decided yet! we're gonna have a Halloween party at our house too! :) I enjoyed reading this.. I love your honesty too <3

09/08/2013 9:30pm

I am so glad Chris will be home for your party!!!!! Also glad your Dad said YES!!!! Definitely a costume contest... Tell everyone to bring a dish and I am sure not matter what you do as long as Chris is there you will have an awesome time.

I agree the opposite of relief is disappointment...... Hope you experience more relief than disappointment in your life!!!

09/12/2013 4:24am

I was thinking that a particular horror movie might be fun for a theme...like if it was 'night of the living dead' and everyone would come as a zombie. Then you could also have a bit of a spooky scavenger hunt with an awesome prize for the winner. You could do something almost like the amazing race where everyone gets the first batch of items they have to return with and they have to show them to you for your approval and then you give them their next clue and have all the clues and challenges be spooky related things. Somewhere have hidden an awesome prize to the first person or team that finds it. :-)

09/17/2013 3:01pm

I just had to comment on this photo. Your smiling in it!!!!
And what a awesome smile you have!!!!!
God Bless!! I believe he already has blessed you!!!

09/17/2013 8:24pm

I hope you have a great party! Make sure to put lots of pictures up. What's up with your mom saying NO... that's just not cool. lol

09/22/2013 1:05pm

as far as a costume contest,if we have one,I HAVE to win it!!!its my party!!!

Jane Black
09/23/2013 9:26am

Juliana, so many people out there are following you and loving you....they love you because of Chris. They are from all over the world. Why are you so rude to them? Chris has a life too. He needs to be in these wonderful places. Learn to be grateful for your life and those in it who love you.

09/24/2013 11:15pm

Jane Black why do YOU have to be so rude? If you don't like it don't read her blog. I will never understand why people feel its alright to be so ugly on the Internet!

04/07/2014 9:39pm

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09/10/2014 7:58pm

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09/20/2014 7:01am

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