Right now, Im doing what I think I do ALL TOO often. Which would be, waiting for Chris to return from being away. He comes home TOMORROW, so I am in the home stretch. BUT it doesn’t help that I didn’t even realize this, he had to go back so soon.  You see…he went on vacation with some of my family to Las Vegas and had to go directly from there back to LA to work on his album. Initially, I was jealous and wanted to go, but when I found out they had “pool days”, I thought “no thank you!! Have fun!

Even though its horrible when he’s gone, I know if he says he has to be, he really does. When I found that out, I went nuts. ”YOU’RE NOT COMING HOME AFTER VEGAS!!”I just KNEW it would be a problem. It might sound stupid, but I just feel…complete when he’s home. He helps me with so many things and we share a bed so its really noticeable when he’s gone, and he’s really sweet to me and gives me someone to talk to, so I ALWAYS dread when he leaves, which is why I’m looking forward to him coming home even MORE, because when he finally DOES, it will be for like two months!! Good thing because when he’s gone, its really hard on BOTH of us... sigh…back to our stupid facebook relationship. The one where we message each other constantly. Pretty much daily.

Speaking of LA! My sister is actually moving there this week. So I was thinking…that one of the many times Chris goes to LA, I could just go with, and then visit her.

So, what do you think I should say to Chris right when he gets here??



09/23/2013 5:33pm

Hi Juli,
I don't blame you for being sad when Chris is gone,I would be too!!,but I'm SO happy that he's coming home tomorrow! :) I just wanna say you're a huge inspiration to me!!...I've been following ur progress since Chris & you were on Idol!! :)

09/23/2013 6:14pm

I love You!

09/23/2013 6:26pm

"Cmere, Baby...give me a kiss !"

09/23/2013 8:17pm


09/24/2013 6:21am

Mara means that´s what you should say to Chris. =)

09/24/2013 7:11pm

OH!I get it now.she explained it

Nancy Bivens
09/23/2013 6:27pm

I think you should tell him how proud you are of him and how happy you are that you two are together!

09/23/2013 6:28pm

I know that I can never take the Place of your love of your Life,but when Chris is away,I Promise you that I will trty and give you the best days I possible can,until Chris comes and fills that void in your Heart Once again <3 First thing you should say to Chris..."Welcome Home"

09/23/2013 6:39pm

I understand that you are sad when Chris is away, Great ide to go with him and visit your sister. Then you can be near Chris to.
What to tell him when he gets home? Tell how you feel and give him a big hug....

You are Amazing Juliana. A huge inspiration to many people. Take care.


Susan Hopkins
09/23/2013 7:14pm

I would just say "Come here my sexy man and give me a kiss for everyday we were away from each other this time."

Line Jeanette
09/23/2013 7:26pm

Hey Juliana :D I think we learn to appreciate the one we love more when we get the opportunity to miss them :) <3 You are sweet!

Cheska Sparks
09/23/2013 7:29pm

Hi Juliana! I cannot imagine how difficult it is to have someone so important to you travel all the time. When my husband travels on business, and it is usually very short trips, I am miserable. I am a big chicken so every noise in the house needs to be investigated and the dogs always seem more on edge when he is gone so they bark at everything.

I am glad Chris will be home soon and get to stay home for a while! I think you should say to him "Welcome home, my love!" and give him a big smooth!


Cheska Sparks
09/23/2013 7:30pm

*smooch (lol)

09/23/2013 7:37pm

I love u

09/23/2013 7:54pm

I would just grab him in a big hug, kiss him a lot, tell him how much you missed him, and tell him you love him! I guess that's what you do though every time he comes home, so you are good! He's almost here!

09/23/2013 9:00pm

Simply tell him what's in your heart. That's always the perfect thing. XXX

Linda Haskins
09/23/2013 9:34pm

Glad your back : ) !

Jen Blau
09/23/2013 11:24pm

Just embrace in a hug and say I've missed you so much! But honestly say what you feel in your heart! That is what is important

09/24/2013 6:24am

I think you should say: Gosh how much I love you, baby! ;-)

09/24/2013 8:16am

How about "Chris- do you realize how long you've been gone???? Now what did you bring me? Hehe :).

09/24/2013 8:19am

Tell him that everything in the world is right when he is home and you are back in his arms.


That your dreams are so much sweeter when he's sleeping next to you.

(Because we all know that's how you feel)

Perfect,,,sweet and genuine
11/14/2013 9:54pm

Perfect,,,sweet and genuine

09/24/2013 10:26am

Waiting for loved ones sucks horribly. My better half travels for work too. Sometimes months at a time and it always seems to take forever. Time goes slow when you are counting down days. Hang in there. Hugs and kisses is what I bet he'll want right away. :-) Sometimes affection speaks more than actual words

park mccann
09/24/2013 9:15pm

tell him that he is your world

09/25/2013 12:41pm

I would tell him how proud you are of him, and even though you miss him like crazy, you are supportive. Have a great reunion !!! xxxxx

09/25/2013 12:53pm

finally it worked !!!!!! I wasn't able to post here until now !!!!

Melissa Marquais
09/25/2013 12:51pm

I know what you mean. Being away from the one you love is very difficult. My husband and I were working totally opposite schedules for a while and we had a text relationship and it sucked bigtime! But... it akso makes the time you have together even more special!

10/16/2013 8:41pm

Juliana where have you been? I hope everything is well and you write soon.

10/19/2013 4:07pm

We miss you juliana, write to us. We hope you're ok lovely !

10/19/2013 11:48pm

10/20/2013 3:31pm

damn.. nice to see you guys working and pushing each other the way you do, i dont know what to say actually but no doubt i felt for it, what you are trying to do.
And sometimes you dont have to use words, your actions SPEAKS to rest of the world.
Even to shitty little country as Denmark (but proud country)
Bless on you JULIANA and the entire family.
I must say Chris you have My GREATEST RESPECT!!!!!
Peace love & harmony too hippi??
Im sorry i cant help it, you guys are so amazing, so much i wont freaking stop typing, and again juliana good recovery from all of us
Last thing you guys are inspiration to so many People :P
ps. sorry for my spelling im only 19 :P :P

10/28/2013 1:46am

I saw this video today and thought of you and Chris! Another inspirational story such as yours!

10/28/2013 9:29pm

Has anyone heard from Juliana? She usually doesn't go so long without posting I don't think. Just curious I hope she is ok.

10/30/2013 4:47pm

I have this question if you and Chris got married??

01/30/2014 6:16am

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