Every year on Christmas Eve at my Aunt Lori’s party the nieces and nephews are asked a question and they have to write their answer.  This year’s question was ‘What do you wish for someone else in 2014.’  My answer was “For Chris to be all the way famous.”  So that answer got me to thinking about my next blog….THIS blog:  New Year’s Resolutions.  Back when Chris and I were dating I wanted to help him become famous by advertising for him or pushing his career.  I used to post everything he did on Facebook or My Space and now I have a whole lot more places to post.  So then, one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to help that ‘wish’ I made on Christmas Eve come true.  Let’s get started on that! 

Tomorrow, on New Year’s Eve this year Chris is going to play a show at Night Games right here in Oak Forest.  It’s going to be a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to it.  I really hope to see as many of you there as possible.  After this show Chris is leaving for a pretty long time… (I will save my complaints about THAT for other blogs…) for now I hope this is the best night.

I do have other resolutions for myself too. Here are some things that I am going to try to accomplish this year: Like way too many people, I want to lose weight. I’m talking like 60 pounds. Then I would be at my pre-accident weight! I plan on being overall HEALTHIER! Sound good to everyone? I mean, I already love fruits and vegetables, so I’m covered there.  I just can’t have TOO much overall or I’ll run into the OTHER resolution! And with all that extra weight gone PLUS being healthier, I could basically take on the world!!

I asked some of the people closest to me what their resolutions were and they said this (girls THEN boys of course):
·       Mommy: “To start writing again.”
·       Cris: “To be more organized, so I can spend more time with our family. We have a lot of great things happening next year!”
·       Ms. Knick: “To concentrate on my health and fitness and be skinny by the end of 2014!”
·       Cheyenne: “To prioritize and not take on more than I can handle.  Oh, and eat healthier too.
·       Allie: “To get a 4.0 GPA.”
·       Delaney: “To perform to the best of my ability in my school play.”
·       Mackenzie: “To be the best at my next band concert.”
·       Michelle: “To try to stop worrying so much about things I cannot change and be grateful for what I DO have, every day.”
·       Charlene: “To be healthier, to smile even MORE, and to be the best fiancée ever!!”
·       Chris: “To be a better version of myself and become the person I feel I should be.”
·       Daddy: “To start going to church.”
·       Donnie: “To have a more positive outlook.”
·       Adam: “Mine is to help you get in as good of shape as possible. And help you enjoy it and make you realize your health is the most important thing in your life! Don’t worry. We will just continue how we r going now: Some gym time, and eating and drinking a little better.”
(Oh great.  I’m in for it now)
·       Dylan: “To learn something new and to move in with my Fiancée.”
·       Kenny: “To work hard for my new family and save $1,000 a month.”
·       Kyle: “To make All-Conference for varsity baseball and football.”
·       Christopher: “To make the varsity football team as a sophomore.”
·       Craig: “To have an operating business.”
·       Mike Schick: “To be successful.”
Ok, so you knew this was coming, in fact you even know WHY this was coming…I love to read comments!!  Ummmm yeah so tell me, what is YOUR New Year’s Resolution?



12/30/2013 9:55pm

To loose lots of weight! I did it before and felt great, so it's time to do it again! And of course to keep spreading the word about your famous Chris!

01/02/2014 2:24pm

this isnt really a reply to that but I needed somewhere to put it so here:my plan to lose 60 poumds in a year started TODAY!!!its gonna work!

10/27/2014 3:02pm

this isnt a reply either but didnt know where to write this but i just wanted to say that chris is the best man alive, he is my idol, im 18 boy from finland and think ur chris is the coolest guy on earth, his attitude and everything helped me in hard times ``what kind of guy would i be if i left when she needed me the most```-chris medina. And juliana i wish the best for u too!

Maggie M
12/30/2013 9:56pm

New Years Resolutions! Love the blog Juli! Here are my Top 3 Focuses of the New Year:
1. Make more time for my family and friends (especially you)!
2. Stop working unnecessary long hours so that I have time to do #1.
3. Start and MAINTAIN a healthy lifestyle (food and fitness). I always start but quit quickly.

12/30/2013 10:05pm

Great post!!

I'd like to face my fear of deep water and swim in a lake!

Kim Gotz
12/30/2013 10:10pm

To lose weight...... This year I quit smoking and now I am going to use all my energy on becoming a healthy weight so I can live a long life and be a better mom to my son.

12/30/2013 10:12pm

I agree with you on being in better shape, for good health and to just feel good.. To get my direct sell business off the ground, to make positive change for my family. Thanks for listening!

12/30/2013 10:25pm

I just want you to keep painting and know how good you are, and how good you are moving you your right

12/30/2013 10:30pm

Hey! You left me out! So! My New Years resolution is about getting in shape, I want to learn to free run barefoot in the year 2014, through the woods.

12/31/2013 4:39pm

at first,I didnt know who you were and was like "what do you mean I left you out?"ok,EVERYONE, this is my SUPER important friend Connie,that I have NO clue how I forgot.she's so awesome...

12/30/2013 10:35pm

To be a stronger person and not worry so much.

12/30/2013 10:41pm

I would like to lose weight, about 40-50 lbs. would be great! Also to find a good job so we can find our dream home, and to be the best wife and mother I can be!

12/30/2013 10:41pm

Same here!! Lose a few pounds, but focus on eating heathy and working out, not obsessing about my actual weight. Also, letting go of past BS and focusing on the present moment.

Ms. Knick
12/30/2013 10:46pm

Very upbeat and positive blog entry, Juli!

12/30/2013 11:01pm

Mine is also to loose weight !! And to keep that weight off and make healthier food choices also!! I lost 30 lbs over the summer and have gained a few back but I'm not discouraged! It is definitely a challenge because I enjoy sweets!!

12/30/2013 11:04pm

I love this blog baby!! It was sweet! Positive! And fun:-)

01/01/2014 2:16am

hello.Chris*^_^* l'm from China .l'm a high school student.last month, l happened to listen your song~《what are words》.At that time ,l could not hold back my tears .this beautiful song and your story moved me deeply. l think it is the best song that l have met since l was born.l like sing song very much .l have already sung 《what are words》for a month (everyday),and sometime l couldn't help crying when l sing it .the reason is that the lyrics of the song and your quality really moved me .l think you are a good man who l can learn .you face the trouble positive .you have never left Juliana when she needs you most .l really admire you .recently l introduced 《what are words》to my English teacher and my classmates.they also moved by this song.l think lwill sing this song to my lover .l want to become a singer and good man like you!l hope you can become more famous and make more beautiful songs.best wishes to you and Juliana .Look forward to you have a show in China .l would support you forever .Last , thanks your song and your story .it have changed my life .l hope l can see you in the future!=^・ω・^= .god bless you and your family.

12/30/2013 11:26pm

New Year's resolutions are a difficult thing to do because sometimes life doesn't always allow for you to follow through with what starts off as "good intentions". Keeping that in mind, I try to stay away from "personal" resolutions like losing weight or exercising more, or becoming more successful because sometimes things happen in life that interfere with these types of things from actually occurring. Unexpected health issues arise, unemployment occurs and success can be fleeting. So this year my resolution is to be kinder, more compassionate, patient and understanding to all I may come in contact with. To offer a helping hand when needed instead of waiting to be asked. To be a loyal and trusting friend. To show respect to others and to replace any ill feelings of hatred or disdain in my heart with love for all. It doesn't sound like much of a resolution, after all isn't that the way we should live every single day of our lives? And, you're right....it is or at least it should be, but a New Year's resolution reminder never hurts. So, in my simple minded thought process, if I succeed in meeting every aspect of my New Year's resolution I just might make a difference in someone's life........ and the rewards in doing so makes me a better person. I guess that makes it a win-win situation. Happy New Year to All!

12/31/2013 11:34am

Leda, you ROCK! Love you!

12/31/2013 12:16pm

I love you too, Ellyn!

Linda Haskinsl
12/31/2013 7:26pm

Great resolutions ! Love reading your comments !

Rita Ramos
12/30/2013 11:34pm

Mine is also to try and lose weight so maybe I can get off blood pressure pills and I hope to b as happy in 2014 as I was in 2013!!! Luv ur blogs girl keep it up :)

12/31/2013 10:08am

SEE,I said just like so many other people(about losing weight)and its true!

Ashlie Aguilar
12/30/2013 11:36pm

Mine, is to get closer to God. I want to be the best example of a true Christian to all the people I am around in 2014. I strive for people to see Him when they look at me. Everything else will fall into place as long as God is first in my life.

12/31/2013 3:09am

My New Year's resolution is to not make a resolution. Statistically New Year resolutions get forgotten by week 2 in January. This is why gyms have line-ups to use the machines on Jan 2. By Feb 2 there are no more lines.
I have decided to make a real effort to be more positive. I used to be so positive, happy and fun to be with. I loved life and had a ton of energy. I was then hit with a progressively worsening health issue. It changed everything and I have lost myself. I have spent a lot of time being sad and feeling sorry for myself. I have been angry that my health has robbed me of so much. But it made me realize something.

Life is not easy and no one ever said it was easy. Everyone carries a cross through life. Some people have a tiny cross but they put flashing light & speakers on it and wave it around to attract sympathy Others have across made of lead. It is heavy and crippling, but no one knows. They keep in tucked under their clothes and never discuss how hard it is to carry.
No one gets through life unscathed. We all are going through some challenge and carrying a burden. I realize that sadness and anger at my situation, only serve to poison me. No one gets better if they are consuming poison. And anger turned inward is the cause of depression. I needed to do better because I was not helping myself.

I am now consciously trying to find gratitude every day in my life. What do I see every day but never notice? So much. I am in constant pain so I try to be grateful for pain killers and a comfy bed. I feel isolated so I make myself FEEL & draw strength from the loving people I have around me. I remember to thank God for the health that my family has. I am suffering, but I have a lovely home to find comfort in.

Instead of being bitter for missing out on so much of my son's life, I thank God he is healthy. I make sure we connect, even at 22 I still crash next to him so I can hear about his life. I still have my mind so I use it to mother him and thank God I can. This replaces the anger that I have for missing attending things with him. It gives him security and the knowledge that I may be broken, but I am STILL here!
I honestly have discovered that the remedy for sadness is gratitude. I wanted 5 kids and could have one. I never say 'only one' because it makes it sound like he is not enough. Instead I say that I was blessed to be a mother to a fantastic son. You see, the fact is I do have 'only' one child, but I turn it into a blessing as opposed to being ungrateful.

This is what my daily resolution is, not just for New Year. If I always look at those who have more than me, I will be resentful and jealous. If I compare myself to those who have less, I will be grateful. The choice is mine to live in resentment or to live with appreciation. It is NOT easy at ALL, but I resolve to try to live it every day.

12/31/2013 7:53am

Hi Juli!!! Happy New Year. My Resolution will be to quit smoking. I already know I'm going to need support - so may be calling on you for inspiration!!

This blog is so great, and I loved to hear all the comments from your family.

Good luck to Chris tonight. All week I've been trying to find something to do tonight on New Years Eve - I had no idea Chris was playing in Oak Forest. Arrgghhh. Now i've already made plans for out of town. Wishing I had known this yesterday. I will definitely be thinking about both of you, and all of Chris' fans who will be lucky enough to ring in the new year with him and you. Have a blast tonight Juli. Good luck with your resolution. If you ever want to get out and get some exercise, let me know!

Happy New Year!!! May it be your best yet!

12/31/2013 9:12am

My plan is to lose some weight and inches and get back on track with my finances. I know I can do it! Hope things go well with you resolutions this year!

Lisa Adams
12/31/2013 10:56am

Happy New Year Juli!! I'm a recovering alcoholic, 8+ years sober so my New Year resolution is the same each year for the last 8.. to continue on this beautiful journey of recovery, self discovery, self improvement & do my very best to keep reaching my hand & heart out to others in need of help, support & love. I believe that is God's will for me & there's no safer place to be than within the will of God. Doesn't mean it's easy, but its where I find my peace of mind, heart & soul!! I wish you all the very best for 2014 & always Juli! No doubt you will reach your goals, just look at how far you've come & acomplished so far.. you never cease to inspire me! Love & prayers always!! Lisa

Alisha Moore
12/31/2013 11:14am

Great blog Juli! I know you can accomplish your goals, you are one tough cookie. As for my goals: I want to constantly be focused on ONE goal at a time (I already have constant goals/resolutions) and not overwhelm myself and give up. My main goal is to get back into school. Also losing 15 pounds by being healthier and not over eating. I eat healthy too juli, but don't want to stop once I start. Thanks for reading :) We're gonna kick 2014's ass Juliana! <3

12/31/2013 12:03pm

l just want to become more positive

Sandra Armendaris (Mike's Schick's Mom)
12/31/2013 12:04pm

To loose weight and be healthy & find a better job!!!!

Linda Haskinsl
12/31/2013 7:35pm

To be more aware of the feelings of others . To strive to be the best wife to Brian that I can be, the best Mom that I can be to Shawn, the best mother-in-law that I can be to Karen, the best grandma to Leah , Riley, and little Brian , the best daughter to my Mom and Dad , the best sister to Karyn , Jim, Sally , and Nancy .....

Vickey Lynn
12/31/2013 11:54pm

Mine is to become healthier so that I can help more people. I do much better when I do things for others more than for myself. :-D

01/01/2014 2:34am

Great blog Juli!!!!
Happy New Year! :) now lets make all those things happen! X

01/01/2014 7:13am

You and your family's new year resolutions sound like great ones and like you, I am looking to lose weight in 2014 also. I will definitely start eating healthier, go to the gym on a more regular basis (caught myself saying that many times before but failed to pull through - this time I know I REALLY wanna keep it a promise and a a toutine!) and allover be more structured in the things I do and not waste too much time on unimportant things. I plan on doing good for the following semester in English linguistics at the university and be more social and approaching towards people I find interesting and would like to know better. I have a feeling my shy self will gradually disappear and be replaced by a more confident and secure man in the year to come!

Happy new year, Juli! Hugs from Norway :)

Mike S.
01/01/2014 8:41am

I just decided on one more resolution! By then end of the year, I want to know how to make sushi really well! And we can have a big sushi party! Who wouldn't love that?

01/01/2014 8:51pm

me!I wouldnt love that.and you know it.

01/02/2014 7:28pm

my new years resolution is obviously lose weight, but in a healthy way. but since I am for that every year, this year i want to graduate nursing school, pass the boards, and land my first real nursing job. <3.

01/03/2014 10:33am

my new years is to make more friends. especially foreigne friends .it help me know more about the culture of other countrys and improve my English^o^.so…Julian.can l make friend with you ?it must be very cool *^_^*.if you agree it .you can leave the email address,and l will sandan email to you.祝福你!(bless you)(*^ω^*)

Elin kloow
01/05/2014 8:00am

Hello Juliana:)i like your blog very much! I'm a 28year old girl from Sweden and i have followed your story for a few year's now!, you are such an inspiration!:)you are truly amazing :)i hope 2014 will be a really good year for you:)my new year's resolution is to be the best person that i possibly can be!:)and the one that everyone has...loose weight of course :)lot's of love from sweden<3

01/05/2014 10:17am

^v^best wishes for everyone.l hope that all of us can realize our goals

Tran TT
01/05/2014 9:07pm

Just like you Juliana, lose weight. I've gained a couple more than maintenance after dropping to a weight that was just not sustainable for me and realized how much I loved my maintenance weight. During this journey, I will strive to be happy overall, stop obsessing about body image, and be as happy as people look in pictures and enjoy life for what it is. I think most people take for granted what they have and 2014 will be the permanent change for me to stay positive, stop feeling sorry for myself, know that other people have it harder, and get a grip and stop giving myself excuses to binge.

01/07/2014 3:54am

Thanks for info.

Lisa Arlando
01/07/2014 11:39am

A blessed & healthy 2014 to you & family!
xx from Singapore :)

01/08/2014 12:46am

It is a good habit to lose weight but make sure you are losing your weight by using different exercises and by using your normal diet. I have seen many people they stop eating during their exercise period and it makes they so weak. continue your diet but use only those products that have less fats. It makes you more perfect and you will feel good.

01/20/2014 12:09am

I like your post.

01/24/2014 3:56pm

My husband and I use some products that we like. He is trying to lose 40 lbs and is doing really well. We drink morning smoothies with lots of kale, spinach, fruits, veggies, etc and protein mix with fiber. We take supplements and restrict our diets to less than is recommended by a few hundred calories by still eating lean chicken (protein) brown rice and leaving out breads, wheat, starches, carbs.

Since you are somewhat restricted in exercising, the diet will be the most important thing. If you take meds you'll need to make sure any vitamins you take don't interfere with those but you are determined so I know you'll do well no matter what! I am looking to be healthier and help others achieve their goals as well as a coach.

Best of luck, thanks for your inspiration!

02/05/2014 6:58am

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02/06/2014 3:05am

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02/13/2014 3:19am

This year we will be making a few fresh wreaths.

02/20/2014 7:53am

We need solution, not resolution :)


I no longer succumb to the societal pressure to not accept myself. I have switched gears and have ended my affair with self-defeating thoughts + feelings.

02/26/2014 8:07pm

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07/01/2014 7:16am

juliana hello ... I wish you a happy 2014 with lots of health, strength and faith that you can reach your goals, met his story on facebook yesterday and I sink as you were, you and Chris in their relationship, the love of you guys are beautiful and true and always together ... estaram'm also engaged and will marry later in the year, I was very moved by the story of you, much love to my fiancee, I hope that our love is like of you. ... regarding your desire to lose weight, go ahead requires clear determination and willpower, you will not razer only a better body, but also healthier also helps in improving your health and your self esteem, lost 20 kg in 4 months I struggled and got the result, go ahead has strength that is going to work ... this is my goal to make my bride happy in our marriage, loving it more and more ...

Hug and God bless you


07/03/2014 11:56pm

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