I always post blogs BEFORE parties about how excited I am. Well how about AFTER? Because I wanna talk about how great New Year’s eve was so I will give you a play by play:  Ok, first Sarah (my best friend, I think ya’ll know THAT) got here and did my nails.  Later I got a ton of compliments on those nails so thank you Sarah!  Then another good friend, Mike got here and we had a drink, mine I Just sipped in front of the computer for a while.  I am pretty sure he had more than one and doubt he was sipping! Then after a few hours of just hanging out, Me and Sarah, Mike and Connie (my personal assistant and now a really good friend) left to head to Night Games to watch Chris’s show.  I was thinking, ‘Now all the fun could start!’ A little secret:  Even though it was fun to just hang out with my friends, it was basically torture waiting to leave because I have a very hard time being patient.  The drive to this show was very short, that was a huge relief and kind of a surprise too.  I don’t know why I didn’t realize that the place was just a few blocks away but I was VERY happy to find out we were there just a few minutes after we even got in the car!  Shortly after we got there it was almost time for Chris to go on and when he did it was SO exciting.  I always think that Chris performs good but I was extra excited because it was New Years Eve and I knew he would do even better.  His drummer, Mike McManus was staying with us for a few days before the show and I specifically told him how much I was looking forward to the show so he “better not screw it up!”  He thought that was really funny.  (Yeah, I am funny Mike but still, don’t mess up!)

I was a little bummed in advance, thinking about my brother and sister not being home but it was all just fine because my brother Adam DID go to the show!  Adam and I are really close in age and in general, just really close.  My mom said that as soon as he was born I acted like I was his mom and we stayed together all the time.  Did you know when I had my first apartment that Adam got his first apartment a year later in the SAME building, one floor directly below me?  Yep!  Now that he is the “workout king” pushing me at the gym almost every day, I am a little less excited to see him each day but on New Year’s Eve I figured I was safe from that.  Guess what?  I was wrong! Early that day he DID take me to the gym!  But back to the good part of the night when I was GLAD he was there….  Not only was my brother there but BOTH of my parents and step parents were there.  Now that does NOT happen very often!  And something else really good is that my cousin was there since her fiance’s family OWNS the bar.  That was cool.

The show was as awesome as I expected and so was the stroke of midnight because I got to celebrate it with a whole lot of kisses from Chris.  It was a great party.

Speaking of parties, the NEXT one I will be planning will be my BIRTHDAY party so sorry in advance for having to hear about THAT one for months in advance! And I have a good idea for a theme this year! Since I was born in 1986 the theme will be ‘The 80s’. But before that party there are parties that I will attend for a much more fun reason: Two of my cousins are having babies so, yeah, Baby showers!

What big parties do you have planned this year?  (Warning I MIGHT steal your ideas...heeheehee)



Your mom
01/12/2014 2:55pm

Already complaining about no comments? That is NOT starting the year off right at all! Patience Juliana....

Dee Stephens
01/12/2014 2:58pm

I'm glad you had such a good time.Adam just loves you so much He is like the big brother.Happy for you.You are blessed with such a big loving Family.

01/12/2014 3:28pm

maybe you just THINK Adam is my big brother cause hes taller than m(which isnt hard to be)but-hes actually my LITTLE brother

01/12/2014 5:32pm

I read that wrong.sorry Dee

Lani Eldredge
01/12/2014 2:59pm

I love this blog! You have a fun sense of humor and it sounds like New Year's was a fantastic time. Keep sharing your time at the gym..it inspires me to keep going to the gym also. So...80's party ? You can have a lot of fun planning that.
Thanks for the blog and putting a smile on my face!!

01/12/2014 4:39pm

TRUST ME,you DONT wanna hear about my time at the gym!I hate it there!oh god...I have to go tomorow:(

01/12/2014 7:00pm

You can do it! You inspire me to go back things I stopped doing (with some excuse or the other). So, think of going to gym is for others (like me). I am waiting for the day when you will start posting about all the good stuff that come out of these gym visits.

01/12/2014 6:33pm

and SHUSH about my 80's party!it was SUPPOSED to e a surprise!but it will be lots of fun,thatsno surprise

Diane Lofthouse
01/12/2014 3:00pm

Happy you had a great time. I wish my husband and I lived a little bit closer ( we only live an hour and a half away) but with all the cold snowy icy weather, we decided to stay safe and stay close to home. Hope next time Chris plays, we can come and see you all :) Love the picture!

01/12/2014 3:04pm

Wow, that sounda like the perfect way to start a New Year. I was sick, sneezing, cough, blah. So no kisses for me. I love your party ideas.!! 80s theme awsome! I really need to start exercising also. Im so glad you are, your great motivation. Kep up the good work and Im looking forward to your next blog!!

01/12/2014 3:09pm

So nice that you had a good time :-) Looking forward to see you in Norway :-) Big hug from me :-)

01/12/2014 3:09pm

Sorry I was late to comment! A friend sent me a website online to watch movies. I just watched 'Frozen' and 'Pitch Perfect' and loved them both! I'm glad that you had such a good time on New Years Eve! John and I didn't come because of the weather also! Don't tell him, but I hate the way he drives the van on a nice day so I wasn't riding with him in a snow storm! :-)

The next party I'm going to will be Baby Hailey's 2nd birthday in March!

I'm going to mail you the hat by the way!

Fjóla from Iceland
01/12/2014 3:12pm

You really look good Juliana. I love how your excitement for every single event shines through these blogs :)

Ps. You are really funny and your mom is really funny too :)

01/12/2014 3:17pm

01/12/2014 3:18pm

Love your stories Juli! That sounds like fun! :)

01/12/2014 3:22pm

First off.... Happy New Year and you look awesome and super happy in the photo. I actually was invited to a really cool party last night for a friend of mine ....... a mustache party. She is very much like you in that she loves theme parties. Everyone and I mean Everyone had to have a mustache on of some sorts. Some had costumes that went with their mustache, while others were lazy and just drew them on. She doesn't let you in the door unless you are following the theme. Fun time........ over 100 people and since we're here in Miami, the weather was awesome so it was all outside by her pool. I lost count on how many people ended up in the pool but it was definitely a GREAT time. When she sends me some photos of it I'll post them.

01/12/2014 3:26pm

OMG juliana that smile is so big!! You are doing so good on your recovery!!! Keep up the good work

Heidi Bainter
01/12/2014 3:31pm

You look beautiful and soooo happy in your picture from NYE! It makes me smile. I love planning things as well. It makes me so excited! My baby turns 1 in June and I'm already pinning ideas on Pinterest. One idea that went over very well at my wedding (and works for any party) was the candy buffet. People loved it! Lots of candy. Let me know if you want to see pics. :) Good luck planning! Should be fun!

01/12/2014 3:41pm

Glad you had a great time with your family on new year's eve! I'm planning to hit the gym soon, so although it does feel like quite a daunting task at times, it is definitely worth it in the long run! So your brother is definitely doing something good for you taking you to the gym with him. My uncle is celebrating his 60th birthday in February and a bunch of us in the family are flying from Norway to the US where he lives to celebrate with him so that will be really awesome, a party I really look forward to. I haven't got any specific parties planned myself (yet, anyway) but I can totally relate to the excitement and anticipitation leading up to the big night when the party takes place and after the party, I'm always filled with great memories of how awesome it was!

Oh, and I LOVE the pic of you wearing that hat! :) Hugs from Norway!

Shannon J
01/12/2014 3:46pm

I plan parties as a side job! Currently working on an 80's theme for a family friend that is turning 25! A few party ideas-

Invites will be on records!
Her cake is going to be a big cassette tape, and party favors include jelly bracelets, mini rubix cubes, pop rocks, and more!

01/12/2014 6:16pm

sounds like an awesome party! are you willing to plan a party for me in a few months? Bug budget, and ideas are open. would appreciate it!

Patricia Stanton
01/12/2014 3:52pm

Juliana I love your blogs! So happy your party was a success and sounds like Chris brought in the New Year right! Love hearing about your parties and seeing pics of them. You have a great idea for themes, always really cool. The 80's had some great music and cool outfits. Can't wait to see those pics. Love you in that hat! You are looking good girl! I hate working out too but boy it pays off in the long run. Keep the blogs coming, love them!

01/12/2014 4:06pm

Damn, sounds like an awesome night! The only parties I have coming up are baby showers, my bridal shower, and bachelorette party....not sure about themes yet, so any input is totally appreciated!

01/12/2014 4:40pm

Juli, you are awesome! I am glad that you had a really good time at the show and I am glad you are on the right track to getting healthy and working out and getting fit. That is extremely important. I don't have many parties to attend this year. My cousin in law will be getting married in mid-August though so there will be a wedding to attend as well as a bridal shower or two I am sure. Possibly a bachelorette party. I did find out recently though that one of my friends is going to have a baby so there will probably be a baby shower to attend as well. As far as your birthday party goes, I think that an 80's themed party will be awesome. You always seem to know how to throw really good parties! And I always enjoy your pictures of them!

Lisa Adams
01/12/2014 5:30pm

Happy New Year Juli! So glad you had such a great time & were surrounded by family & wonderful friends.. and especially Chris.. just as a New Year party should be!! It's wonderful to hear you so happy, excited & looking forward to good times to come. I LOVE the idea of an 80s birthday party.. great theme & will be loads of fun I'm sure. Can't wait to hear more and see pictures from that party.. especially the clothes everyone will wear! Halloween 2011 my daughter did an 80s costume & her best friend did 70s.. the 80s look was easy & cheap to pull together. Here's a pic if you get a chance you can take a peak...

Keep on pushing forward Juli, your are an amazing young woman & you never cease to inspire me!! God Bless you always!! Love, Lisa

01/12/2014 7:06pm

Hey Juli, love the photo and the hat, you look terrific, have one I took my last visit of you in your leopard hood and put on your SAD face. It is hysterical. Will try to message it so you can see it.

01/12/2014 8:23pm

This was a cool blog as always! I especially loved New Years Eve. You were so calm and collected. You weren't wanting to leave, I could understand your speaking just fine. It was great! Very proud of you! AND, I am SUPER HAPPY you liked my performance!!!

01/14/2014 2:00pm

I ALWAYS love your performances,Chris!

Linda Haskins
01/12/2014 9:35pm

loved your blog Juliana and you looked great in your picture ! Yes you are quite the party girl ! My husband loves to throw parties . Some of my favorites have been a toga party , Woodstock revisited, and a Renaissance Party . Everyone loves Brian's parties and dress up for them . We transform our backyard into the setting for the theme of his parties . I look forward to seeing pics of your 80's party !

Aunt Rita
01/12/2014 10:57pm

U r so right about new years Juli it was so much fun and Chris was, as always, awesome!!!! I kept telling Uncle Joe and Cris how beautiful u looked and ur dad and Cris were so happy u wore the shirt they got u cause it is so pretty. Sierra and I started going to the gym also to get healthy. Have fun planning ur birthday party luv u xoxo

01/13/2014 12:06am

Sounds like a super start to 2014:)

01/13/2014 1:24am

☆☆☆☆You look GREAT☆☆☆☆
I hadn't seen you in awhile and today I was so happy to see you doing well and a good attitude towards the new year!

Amanda Andersson
01/14/2014 11:29am

I also hate going to the gym... BUT I love the result when I´ve been going there for a while. Didn´t you already lost some weight?

I have a wish for your next blog: a video update about your stair challenge or some other physical challange. It is just SO uplifting to see you concere obstacles. It helps me keep fighting with my own difficulties.

01/14/2014 6:28pm

I love your blog! You sound like me. I'm very impatient as well. hehe Maybe you will inspire me to start working out again. Keep us posted :D Happy New Year.

01/15/2014 12:13am

it is a cool blog ,Julian. looking forward to your next blog ,l support you all the time.^o^.happy every day,and best wishes for you

01/18/2014 3:56am

Julie.. I love this blog! You are so happy! We were just at night games the other day and they were talking about you guys!
Happy Early bday!

01/18/2014 3:07pm

i plan on having a relaxed graduation party to celebrate finishing nursing school. but the real party will be late summer when i pass the nursing license test. there will be bottles of wine (but lets be honest, whether or not i pass the first time there will STILL be bottles of wine involved), semi-healthy food, and cheesecake pops expertly baked by me. probably a continuous party to atlantic city with limos and outlet mall shopping. but I just want to be able to start making difference for my patients and their families. it doesn't matter how i get there or how long it takes to get there cause i know that i will get there and that's the thought that keeps me going when it feels like an unreachable goal.

melissa johnson
01/30/2014 5:13am

hey Juliana:
My name is Melissa I live in Ontario Canada, I work as a PSW and
I just saw your story and I want you to know what an inspiration to anyone watching or who have watched it. I work with people of all sorts but don't really know their story. For you to put yourself out there like that and allow people to be apart of your recovery and see how you are doing and follow your family around says it all right there. Honestly brought tears to my eyes. I know this hard journey happened to you few years back but just seeing the story and your family and how your fiancé did what he did for you honestly gave me butterflies. You are a beautiful women and don't let anyone tell you other wise. I know times can get tough but have faith, your recovery is doing so amazing and you have an amazing man by your side he truly has the voice of an angel love it!!!!! I really just wanted to post this to let you know that you have touched lives of people who have never met you and live all over the world. I hope that your recovery is still on the right path for you and that God will follow every step of the way with you. I hope you can find what you want out of this life and that you and your man have a beautiful wedding if you already haven't already had it and hope you have a life full of love, and happiness. Thank you for your story God bless you and your loved ones

02/07/2014 6:41am

Love is so great, bless you, friends from afar

alisha dicks
02/10/2014 12:15pm

hi julianna I have a disability as well I am in a wheel chair I was born with it I am in university to become a teacher I loves your,s and chris ,s story it inspires me to never give up on myself I hope to meet the two of you some time soon I was just wondering did you ever feel like because of your disability you weren't good enough for chris and feel sometimes he could do better without you I have felt that way at times with different relationships having a disability myself love you guys

02/11/2014 6:40pm

Juliana, For the past 2 hours or so I've been looking to your videos and your fiances video. You are such an inspiration!
I am married to a wonderful man. Who happens to be legally blind. Together, we have 3 children. 3 beautiful boys ages 9, 5 and 3.
At first, my husband would ask himself; how can I be a good dad? There are a lot of things I won't be able to do with my children? But he decided to focus on those things he COULD do! And I must say he is an excellent father!
Now he always tells to himself: there's nothing I can't do with my boys!!!
Keep being strong!
I pray God continues to bless you and those who surround you!

02/14/2014 7:37am

Im so happy to se how good you are recovering! Keap on to the hard working!

02/21/2014 2:11am

Hi Juliana. Saw your Chris just in Swedish television, absolutely amazing. What a love story. I work as a photographer in Sweden with different techniques called beloved and was blown away by your story. I will take with me your story in my photos this summer with all these love / wedding couples and families! I am also volunteering with a project called Essence Vitae, which means the most important. We photograph families with children who are currently living under a life-threatening illness completely volunteerism. Thanks for sharing with us your story, All love and respect to you and Chris .. Helena

03/14/2014 7:39am

I have been examinating out some of your stories and i can state pretty nice stuff. I look forward your next article.

03/22/2014 12:31am

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