So, two weeks ago, on Wednesday (WINE Wednesday, must I remind you) I went into the hospital. What?! Talk about some bad timing. When I found out I said but its wine Wednesday and I’m going to miss American Idol! It was supposed to be a GOOD day, ya know? But I HATED it there so much at one point I said to my mom “I can’t WAIT to go home” and she said “why exactly?” I said “freedom!” are you kidding? One night, I asked for my medicine, and you said you had to wait for them to bring it!! You’re my mom. YOU should be in charge!”

In other news-do you remember how my brother left about three months ago? (Well I’m sure YOU ALL do, because I wrote a blog about it) well he comes home tonight! And I keep thinking about how he’s next (next meaning going to be just like me) for missing his fiancé, and it’s ROUGH, for her too. Oh man, he and Charlene were together CONSTANTLY. They just went from one place to another being together –lucky. I’m happy to have him home though!



03/04/2014 2:24pm

So happy you're out of the hospital! Not fair it happened on "wine Wednesday"! Glad Dylan is coming home tonight! I know you missed him and I'm sure he missed you too! When are you going to L.A.?

03/06/2014 9:55am

Im not going to LA til next month,but Im SOOO excited cause not only is Chris going with me,but one of my best friends are there(who happens to be an EXCELLENT cook,and Ill be staying with my sister:)

04/06/2014 7:20pm

I cannot wait to hear how your trip is. <3 You blossom more and more. You have a wonderful team. Kudos

03/04/2014 2:58pm

Juliana, I was so upset you had to be in the hospital last week, but so glad you are OK, out of there, and ready for wine Wednesday, and Idol with Dylan! My heart aches for both him, Charlene, you, and Chris because missing someone you love hurts like heck! Will message you because I have a funny story to tell you!

03/05/2014 12:30am

I'm so happy you're out of the hospital and that you get to see your brother again after three long months apart from each other! Distance makes the heart grow fonder and I bet he had a lot of exciting stuff to tell you about South Africa! I definitely wanna go to that country someday, it seems like such a beautiful country! :)

03/05/2014 4:18am

Freedom! Congratulations Juli!

03/05/2014 5:10am

Glad to know that you're home! And that you can have your Wine Wednesday back. And maybe make up for the one you missed? It's awesome that Dylan's homes too and had a safe journey! It is a shame Charlene couldn't come with, but at least you can help each other out with all the waiting! (: Love and hugs Juli!

Carla Inwood
03/05/2014 10:24am

Hey Jules, I will be toasting you with wine tonight from Aspen, as it is Wine Wed. Did you know tomorrow is "Thirst-day"? Miss you.

03/05/2014 4:07pm

Jules, is this true ? chris wrote on his AMA session that you finally accepted him moving on n being with someone else but remaining in your life forever on BFF basis , WTF why did he write that

03/05/2014 11:11pm

Yay for a new blog. So I keep hearing you say how you love wine Wednesday I think I want to try this lol. I'm so glad you're home and that your brother is back:)

03/06/2014 8:11am

you know Michelle,American Idol is PART of wine Wednesday,so I DEMAND you come over for nother one.AND Dylan got me ome really good wine from South Africa:)

Genevieve Nutley
03/06/2014 10:06pm

Hi Juliana, reading through your blog has brought me so much comfort. In 2011 I was in a tragic car accident suffering a brain injury as well. Today I was at the rehabalation institute of Chicago RIC I saw a flyer for a brain injury awareness month event and saw Chris is a guest. I remember my friend sent me a video of you and after I saw the flyer you've been on my mind all day. One big part of my injury is my speech too, and I love you do art! I found art after my accident it's my voice! You seem to have such a beautiful spirt! I'd love to hear from you gnutley@live.com.. There's so much I can say right here but have no words.

nicky ihaka
03/08/2014 1:53am

Hi Juliana - I live in new Zealand & happened to come across some of your u-tube videos tonight. And so I searched for more info & found your blog. My son woz born on the 2nd of October 2009 which I thought woz freaky when I found out that woz the date of your accident because 3 years l8r on the 13th of July 2013 my son fell at a park and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury :'( I would love to talk to u or your mum privately if possible about the whole traumatic journey when it comes to brain injury. I looked on fb but couldn't find you? Please feel free to check out my son - Jai's Journey at https://www.Facebook.com/pages/Jai-Tangaroa-Ihaka/252778028180084 hope to hear back from you soon x

03/11/2014 2:10pm

Hi, Juliana,

I'm glad things are going well. I was reading earlier posts and ran across one where you requested healthy snacks. I just tried this one - roasted chickpeas - and it's easy, healthy, and delicious!


I hope you continue to do well!


03/19/2014 5:50am

hello Juliana, I am Brazilian, and was wondering when the movie will be released and how this getting? when the trailer will come out? the name will be "what are the words?" tell us everything!


Amazing work !!, keep it up,

03/27/2014 1:09pm

Hi! I've been checking on your progress and praying for you for years now, and the question remains... When are you and Chris planning on getting married??? :) I would love to see pictures and video clips of the wedding, if that's ok? if you want to keep that private, I understand

Paco Rodrigues
04/08/2014 11:33am

Hello Girl! Hope you are doing fine.
Just saw all your story and couldn't hold my tears inside my eyes lol
You are such a great girl and make me so happy that you and Medina (amazing / new favorite singer are together!)
I am brazilian and I am moving to L.A. in May to get married! If you guys are there please let's have a party! haha
About your 80's party you can use wigs and tell your friends to use too! That time hair was the crown! hahah Also don't forget to have caipirinha! hahaha
Beijos from Brazil! xx

Judy Mullins
04/14/2014 8:17pm

It's been a very long time since I checked in on you. We live in Oklahoma and my son had a TBI in 1996 We are very active in camps for adult injury survivors. I'd love for you to check into some of our camps. See the website mountainhighcamp.com My son is on the Channel 9 news video many years ago. There are many young women who function like you. We don't have to talk about our experiences but become a whole new family. Many in our group from across the country are speakers for brain injury awareness. Would love to invite you to one of our camps. Take a look. Always need new friends and family


I like it.

04/21/2014 12:35am

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04/25/2014 11:05am

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