I think that most people know I have a TON of siblings, so, I decided to name them and what I think is their best quality. Kenny: he can fix ANYTHING! Mainly car stuff and THAT can obviously come in handy. Allison: she’s a really good cook. She works at this one place and she always brings me EXCELLENT stuff from there which makes me think she’s also very giving. Adam: he’s a hard worker. There is NOTHING he will say he can’t do. Lazy is definitely not the word to describe this one. I remember him getting pretty mad when someone called him that once, He said ”I am NOT lazy!” Dylan: for his size he’s really strong! Like, it’s surprising! A few nights ago we were in the bathroom and I said my feet hurt REALLY bad standing on the floor so he straight up CARRIED ME to bed. Me and all of my hundred and…well let’s just say hundred. Cheyenne (or known by people closer to her as Cheye):  now this quality might not be thought of as so important but, I really do think her best quality, is her looks. Also, I don’t know if its cause we’re kind of close in age but, she really is like my best friend. A bit of a wild child, but, in a cool way! I mean dropping out of high school and then much later picking up and moving across the country! You got to love her-right? At least I do. Delaney: she’s SOOO nice. That might not seem like that huge of a deal but she really is! Mackenzie: she’s SUPER smart! She got straight A’s ALL of last year! Kyle: well the guy is really funny. He CRACKS me up. And Last but not least, Christopher: is REALLY athletic. Not that I would know because I hate going to sports games and rarely do. But I HEAR that he is athletic! So, I hope I haven’t bored you with all my talking about my family, but I wanted to share how great they are!



Melissa Marquais
04/26/2014 3:29pm

That really is a big family! Sounds like you all have a lot of great qualities! I think one of your best qualities is seeing the beauty in others!

04/26/2014 4:26pm

I loved getting to know your family through YOUR eyes. You're right, each one is pretty darn special! This was yet another blog that did not disappoint! Love your blogs, please keep them coming!

04/26/2014 5:37pm

I was waiting for another blog and this one was AWESOME! You are so lucky to have such great siblings! And everyone of them are Beautiful and Handsome!

04/26/2014 8:36pm

They are all very lovely!!!!!
Good blog Juli! Miss you !

04/27/2014 12:26am

Great blog Juli. Love this one too :D You have a beautiful family.

04/27/2014 2:24am

Great to have such wonderful brothers and sisters
Juli ! Thanks for the blog!

04/27/2014 11:09am

Julie your family is wonderful! You are all so lucky! Please post more.

04/27/2014 11:15am

you have a beautiful family , i wish i had so many sister and brother , i have one brother , we are close too , family is the most impotant thing , Family and Love !! I love the Blog thanks .for sharing

04/28/2014 11:51am

Amazing and beautiful family:-)

04/28/2014 4:30pm

This is a very accurate and good blog. It's like you know these people or something. ha. If you had to chose to live with ONE sibling the rest of your life, who would you pick?

04/28/2014 6:01pm

hahahaha,thanks Mike,I knew your comment would be good!and to answer your question,I would live with Cheye.would just need to get used to he yelling all the time.she doesnt know ho to talk,you know?

05/01/2014 11:45am

Yes,You are Spot on Juliana.Live with Chey?? OMG..She will Defineately Keep your Attention..See you Tomorrow for Super Friday FunDay! I Love You

05/01/2014 12:43pm

ummmm.....its Friday fun dayXtreme!!and love you back

05/02/2014 10:07am

and for the last time its CheyE!!GOD BLESSIT!!!

05/03/2014 6:59pm

Love your blogs, keep it up!

pat westergren
05/03/2014 10:10pm

nice blog Juli. Siblings are important and truly mean so much to us. I fought with mine when we were younger, but now they are close friends. It's great to see the good in them, too. Thanks for sharing.

05/05/2014 12:36am

wow! i'm a new fan of your fam :) luvit!

your mom
05/05/2014 4:40am

Your perspective on things, events, and people have always been very interesting to me and this blog is just one more time. I agree with you on almost all of your opinions although I am more of a fan of Cheyenne's strength, which I think is what makes her beautiful.
Maybe your next blog can be about how you would describe your OWN qualities: Best, worst, interesting, quirky.
Just a thought.
I love you, have a great day, (read tonight?)
It's cute

05/05/2014 7:43am

always read tonight.and you have a great day too mommy

05/05/2014 9:08am

and I love you.SO MUCH!!youre the best mom-and you TRY to be the best mom,so that makes you even better!

lori rodriguez
05/06/2014 10:55am

ou have a wonderful and beautiful family. It is nice to hear about your siblings and sounds like you are all very close, which is very nice.....

05/18/2014 11:48am

I came across your very inspiring story today on YouTube, I think. It is clear to me that although your accident has brought a lot of pain and hardship, there is a blessing embedded in it for you, your family and everyone with whom you share your story.

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Chris Medina
05/31/2014 5:54pm

Hahaha!! I love this one! Poor Cheyenne! And good for her at the same!

06/01/2014 2:18pm

why poor Cheyenne?anyone?

08/12/2014 8:14am

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04/18/2015 12:51pm

You are really lucky to have so nice family!

04/27/2015 11:24pm

A few months ago, my mom and my two sisters moved out because of my parents' divorce. I was really close with my two sisters. I stayed with my dad in our old house. The thing is, they always say how much they miss me and how they never get to talk to me and how much they want me to move in with them.

07/30/2015 9:38am

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