I’m sure everyone is tired of me doing blogs about different people… but, I just have so many great people in my life, and basically, everyone just seems anxious for a new blog. So here we go:  I’ve mentioned Mike Schick plenty of times on Facebook and I just thought I’d let everyone know who he is. To start with, he’s one of my very best friends. Way back at the beginning of time, (I think everyone knows that) I used to work at Starbucks…and he used to come in there ALL THE TIME. Fast forward a few years and Mike is one of my best family friends. He also comes over to my house for dinner several times a week, so my whole family knows him. He doesn’t even need to knock! He’s like family himself. Another thing about him is that he’s a GREAT cook. There has been plenty of times he cooks dinner for my family(on what we like to call Schick Sunday) and  because he’s also very gracious-- it wouldn’t be crazy that he cooked something for just ME! I remember one time, my brother and I were driving somewhere and we passed him walking so we picked him up. And he just so HAPPENED to have a surprise for me. It was REALLY good banana-nut muffins he made!  One other time he made these chocolate chip cookies…oh…my…god. This one time though, he moved to LA and I wasn’t sure I would ever see him again-- But on my birthday I came downstairs to find him at the breakfast table wishing me happy birthday! It was the best. He really is one of my best friends.



06/02/2014 1:01pm

Nice one!
It made me hungry though!

06/02/2014 1:20pm

So good to read another one of your blogs! I was thinking of you recently and was wondering how you are doing! You are a lucky girl to have so many great people in your life!

06/02/2014 1:25pm

I love all your blogs and this one is no different! I'm glad you have Mike in your life!

06/02/2014 2:29pm

This is a great blog! You're a great friend, Juli!

06/04/2014 12:10pm

no,YOURE a great friend.Im just a great friend BACK

Dee Stephens
06/02/2014 3:25pm

Sounds like your Mike is a Great Friend!

06/02/2014 5:32pm

Mike sounds like an awesome friend! And the Schick Sunday definitely sounds like a great concept too :)

06/02/2014 6:13pm

thats right,it is!so EVERYONE should do it!like a holiday!!

06/02/2014 5:57pm

Hey Juli: Schick Sunday....good one for a good guy, pretty soon you'll have the whole week named....Wine Wednesday , Friday Funday , I forgot what Tuesday was.

06/03/2014 7:38am

tequilla Tuesday

06/02/2014 8:08pm

Waaaaaa!! Don't we just love Mikes food!!

06/03/2014 5:56am

Great blog Juliana. Mike should have a barbeque and invite us all!!!! He sounds like a great friend.:)

06/03/2014 8:03am

Juli! I love this blog! It's so positive and nice to read! I'm so happy you have a great friend like mike, he makes you happy and you definitely make him happy, which makes me happy for both of you! Now you've gotta write a blog about how awesome I am and then I'll be so happy I might explode! Love ya girl.

06/03/2014 8:52am

Ill get right on that Connie.I just might have a little trouble doing it after tomorow...

06/03/2014 9:19am

Hey, you said it will be fun so try to have fun!!

06/03/2014 1:12pm

great blog!! we need some mike schick cookin over here soon!!! yum!!!

06/03/2014 4:05pm

all you need to do is ask him.you know hes ALSO a sucker...I left that part out

09/10/2014 7:59pm

k him.you know hes ALSO a

09/16/2014 7:01am

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12/14/2014 3:10am

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02/26/2015 2:02am

i really hope you guys get back together.....you are an inspiration Juliana and i hope the road ahead just gets easier..

03/19/2015 1:49am

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04/02/2015 12:11am

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